Big T Lures Dark Blue-Light Blue Rainbow Large Zulu Impi 16" 14.7oz Skirted Blue-White

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The Big T Large Zulu Impi is the 16" skirt saddle sized version of the Zulu Impi series. The Zulu Impi comes in a few different sizes, and this is the largest one they offer. 

These baits are heavily keel weighted for excellent balanced action. They track extremely well and are great off all the positions. Their action is stable but aggressive enough to catch the attention of any pelagic predator around, especially Marlin.

Insert: Rainbow-Iridescent Dark Blue to Light Blue
Back Color/Pattern: Dark Blue
Eye Pattern: Teddy Bear Eyes
Top Skirt Pattern: Blue-White with Blue Stripes
Bottom Skirt Pattern: Blue-White with Blue Stripes