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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.

Aloha Lures Silver Rainbow Blue Back Slapstick 5" 5.5oz Skirted Blue Dots

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

The Aloha Lures Slapstick is making its worldwide debut exclusively with GZ Lures! It is a 5" skirt saddle sized imitation bait unlike any of Aloha's other fish head baits. The Slapstick is an elongated fish head design with an incredibly life-like, textured feel. The inner insert has a rainbow-iridescent glow that is visible through its outer translucent shell. These are gorgeous baits and are excellent on all pelagic species, especially Tuna and Marlin, and they are properly balanced to allow them to more easily swim as desired. 

One unique thing about these lures is the skirt saddle design. First, with a head length the size of this lure, you would traditionally expect a larger skirt saddle to utilize a fairly lengthy skirt. This is not the case with this bait as it traditionally takes Yamashita 4" skirts up to Blue Ocean 202 (5") skirts. The skirt length on the Yamashita's are nearly the same length as the lure head. On top of that, it only takes ONE skirt. 

Chris Donato first heard about these baits from Capt. Kenton Geer when they were fishing the World Cup together last year. When you first see this bait, especially with how small the skirts are, your first inclination is to not think "Marlin lure". Kenton told Chris stories of how effective these were on Marlin when he was commercial fishing for Tuna. Circle around to early 2024, and Erik Rusnak is stoked to finally push these lures out for the first time.

We are excited to hear about the reception of these baits. They're unlike anything you've seen before, and they can be rigged and utilized in may different ways for different species. 

Skirt Styles: Recommend either Rubber or Flashabou skirts.

Head Length: 4.35"
Head Weight: 5.5oz
BOM Skirt Size: 102 or 202
BOM Skirted Length: approx. 10" 

Shape: Elongated Fish Head
Color Pattern: Blue Back / Silver Rainbow-Iridescent Belly / Purple Fins
Skirt Pattern: BOM Color #M9