2023 Top Sellers - #11 - #20

GZ Lures Top Sellers 2023 11-20

Starting now, we will be doing a countdown of our top 20 selling lure shapes of 2023 based on the number of lures sold.

Here is a quick hit list of 11-20 - You can click on each one below to view current inventory available for purchase.
11- Aloha Lures 7” Gully Boy
12- Koya Lures Medium Poi Dog
13- Marlin Magic Lil Hibby
14- Aloha Lures Sundowner
15- Koya Lures Large Poi Dog
16- Marlin Magic Tiny Ruckus
17- Moyes Lures Dark-N-Stormy
18- Aloha Lures 9” Deep Six
19- Marlin Magic Hibby
20- Marlin Magic Large Ruckus

With hundreds of shapes in stock, we can say with confidence that next year's list will likely look very different. That being said, take this for what it's worth as a bit of fun, and hopefully we can provide a little extra information to some very noteworthy lure shapes.
We will reveal #10 tomorrow.