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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.

Mitsuo Lures & Doxey Lures Hurricane Harvey Relief Silent Auction 9-18 Thru 9-22

*Auctions end on Friday, 9/22, at 10PM Central US Time. Will notify winners after the auction is completed.

**Use my "Request Box" page under the Main Menu to send me your bids. Please place bid amount for the total you are willing to pay NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING. I will communicate final cost and charge actual postage once shipped (about $3.50 for one lure US or $15 International First Class). I will be posting updates each day to my Instagram and Facebook pages with current prices. Links are on my website in the footer. You can also email me at or Message me on either Instagram or Facebook with your bids. Please include the lure # and description as well as your bid amount.**


Up for auction is a unique set of lures made by Burt Saito (Mitsuo Lures) and Ryan Doxey (Doxey Lures). All sales $ will go directly to the Houston Big Game Fishing Club and their Hurricane Harvey Sportfishing & Marine Industry Recovery Fund. This fund was set up specifically to assist individuals, families, and small businesses to rebuild their lives from the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the sportfishing and marine industry. 

You can find more information on this specific fund at - you can also donate directly to them as well. 100% of the funds they receive will be distributed directly to those invididuals/businesses.

Here's a little information on these lures. 

Mitsuo Lures are hand-made one by one by Hawaiian legend lure maker Burt Saito. Burt is now "retired," but still makes a few lures here and there, mostly for friends and family. Burt Saito was one of the original lure makers that made a name for himself as he's been making them for decades - right there along with Joe Yee and the few in that day that were actually doing it. There aren't any lures on the planet like these - his insert styles are extremely unique and original. He puts so much time and effort into each lure that can easily be noticed just by looking at them. They are pure works of art in every way possible. I would venture to say that they look better than anything else out there as artistic masterpieces.

Now the real question is, how do they run? Let's just say I've seen handful after handful of these lures bit to pieces. They straight up kill it in the water. You can ask anyone who has fished his lures and they would tell you the same thing. He was never one to sell to the big shops and never intended to make a huge name for himself as he's a very humble family man, but in my opinion he would be known right up there with Joe Yee if he really wanted to. These are all worth every penny spent.

Now to Ryan Doxey, the maker of Doxey Lures. Ryan contacted me directly and wanted to contribute a bunch of lures to my auction to help with the cause. He is a lesser known lure maker from Allen, Texas. He is working directly with the Houston Big Game Fishing Club on this fund and is playing a major part in distributing the money raised by this fund to those who are in need. Needless to say, Ryan is a community man. He isn't just contributing his handmade lures, he is also getting his hands dirty where the work needs to be done. This fundraiser is, therefore, even more personal to him than both me or Burt. He has relationships with those that are in need, and this is going to help them out in a huge way. 

Now onto Ryan's lures. These are all original pieces. Ryan is a creator at heart, and he has put his blood, sweat, and tears into learning how to make good quality lures that catch fish like every fisherman dreams. The main reason he is lesser known is because this is not his day job. His intentions, however, are to continue to grow his lure business in hopes of making it his day job. You can tell that his inspiration has come from Kona lure makers of the past and current generations. And yes, they work like a charm. If you've never tried one before, do yourself a favor and snag one of these. Not only is it going to a good cause, but you will be getting an extremely high quality lure. And they are gorgeous as well. The rattlesnake skin may be what he's known for, but all of his lures look awesome. You won't be disappointed in your bid for one of these lures, and not just because it's going to a good cause - these lures will catch fish.

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