Miracle Lures

Miracle Lures are all handmade trolling lures by Avin Antonio out of Oahu, Hawaii. He is one of the up and coming lure makers out of the area and is developing a really large following in local Hawaii especially. His lures are producing a bunch of tournament winners in local tournaments and are slowly making their reach to other markets around the world. Most recently, he had a very nice article written by popular Australian fishing media outlet Fishing World discussing their incredible performance.

Avin spent a couple years testing his lures before feeling comfortable releasing them to the public, and the time he took to develop them shows. His lures have only been available for public consumption for a couple of years, but the time he spent on them shows without a doubt. They could sell any fisherman just by looks alone as they look absolutely gorgeous. But what really counts is the bite they create in the water, and that's where you will find yourself coming back for more. I have loads and loads of photos of how well these beauties catch fish.

Targeted for all species of big game fish, he makes lures as small as 5" all the way to an oversized 12". Marlin, ono (wahoo), ahi (tuna) mahi mahi (dorado), sailfish, kingfish, etc. etc. etc. all have fallen to his lures. You will not be disappointed in anything you see here.

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