Koya Lures/Niiyama Lures Collaborative Limited Edition Series

These lures right here are an extremely limited set of Niiyama Lures/Koya Lures collaborative series of trolling lures. Very few of these have been made and are a special rare collection of lures that are perfect for both the fisherman and lure collector. 

Jon Niiyama (Niiyama Lures) created these extremely life-like Opelu, Aku (Skipjack), and Mahi fish head imitations specifically as inserts for this series of lures. You will not find a more life-like imitation out there than the ones Jon created. They are absolutely jaw-dropping.

These fish head inserts were then inserted inside various Koya Lure molds created by Eric Koyanagi and then poured into some of the most productive lure heads currently on this planet. In stock here I have the Medium 861, Straight Runner, XL 861, and Large Poi Dog heads. These are all absolute killers on Marlin in particular. They've become legendary lure shapes in their own right due to the extreme amount of large fish and tournament winners produced on them.

It is a very rare opportunity to have two both excellent and distinct lure makers to collaborate together to create something as special as these. I am extremely excited to offer these to you all. Whether they are put on the collectors rack or fished and bit to pieces, you are purchasing an extremely rare and soon to be legendary lure head here. 

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