Koya Lures - XXL Maximus

The Koya Lures XXL Maximus is the largest of the Maximus series and is a brand new lure shape to 2019. This lure shape was originally made by Captain Bryan Toney & Joe Thrasher when they contacted Eric Koyanagi to rebuild their shape for them and fine tune it mass produce them to the world. These were originally extremely productive lures, so the demand among local fishermen was very high for them. 

This beast of a lure is larger than Eric's Large Poi Dog but smaller his XXL Poi Dog. You look at its size and "Teaser" comes to mind, but these were built to be rigged. The first test run of the new Koya Maximus brought about a 700lb Blue Marlin as well as a few smaller Marlin. These are most definitely excellent Marlin lures. Eric has re-balanced them to give them perfect swimming motion, and the results tell the story.