Koya Lures - 12" 2-Hole AK Bullet

The Koya Lures 12" 2-Hole Jetted "AK Bullet" is a brand new model to 2017 and is an absolute tank. Weighing in at around 14oz for the heads alone, these bullets will have absolutely no problem staying down and deep. Has 12" sized skirt saddles with 2-hole jets that will throw out a ton of extra smoke. Single taper that starts from the skirt saddles all the way to the pointed nose. Extremely massive bullet designed to slay Marlin and large Ahi/Tuna. This bullet will blow you away. Grander bait all the way.

This lure has at this point been renamed the "AK Bullet" (Short for "Amazing Koya Bullet") by Capt. Bryan Toney out of Kona after catching a truckload of large Ahi and Marlin in a few weeks span in May-June 2018. The lure blew up the internet as it was going on and is now one of Eric's most in demand lures.

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