Gene Vanderhoek Lures

Gene Vanderhoek is a Kona Legend, beginning his Kona fishing career in 1970 - Since then he has amassed 32+ IGFA World Records in various categories and even more impressively put to the scale 4 Pacific Blue Marlin Granders in Kona waters. On top of those accomplishments, he is widely known for creating the first Plunger lure for Marlin trolling in 1978 - This was the inspiration behind Joe Yee's Super Plunger shape. The shape received its name by Captain Rusty Unger. 

His crewmen from over the years are now some of the top Captains in Kona, which shows not just what kind of outfit he has run on his boats but also what a great mentor and influence he has had on the Kona Sportfishing community. He now runs the Sea Genie II out of Kona.

According to an article written in the International Angler Q1 2016 issue, his typical spread consists of a Weston Leslie tube on the short corner, a Scott Crampton tube on the long corner, one of his own plungers on the short rigger, and a Marlin Magic Baby Blue jet on the long rigger.

This collection of lures handmade by Gene Vanderhoek are newly made and also vinyl skirted by the man himself. It includes the original Plunger shape as well as his classic Tube shape. These are few and far between as he rarely produces any lures anymore, and there were very limited numbers produced over the last 40+ years anyway. These are all a piece of lure making history, and still very productive lures at that. We are stoked to be able to present these to you all. Once they're gone, they're gone.