Meldorado Teasers by Melanie Robinson

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These Meldorado Teasers are truly original and handmade one by one by Melanie Robinson (girlfriend of our GZ Pro Capt. "Frothy" de Silva) out of Madeira, Portugal. 

"Developed in Madeira over a year to create a teaser that swims, pops colour, and looks like a real fish swimming in the spread to raise those monsters."

Here are the color options and dimensions of each pattern:

Green-Yellow Mahi - 21.5"x5"
Blue Mahi - 21.5"x5"
Black-Green-Gold Mahi - 21.5"x5"
Black-Silver Mahi - 21.5"x5"
Blue Mackerel - 17.5"x4"
Yellowfin - 25"X6"