Marlin Magic Lime Green MOP Green Back Small Pear 9" 3.7oz Skirted

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The Marlin Magic Small Pear is the small sized version of their famous Pear series of lures with 9" sized skirt saddles. The name speaks for itself when it comes to the shape of the lure as it is in fact pear shaped. It is double tapered with heavy rear taper followed by slight forward taper with the hump near the saddles (hence "pear" shaped). An excellent all pelagic species bait, especially for Billfish and Mahi but can catch a variety of fish.

BOM Skirt Size 352
Head Weight: 2.3oz
Head Length: 2"

Insert: Lime Green Mother of Pearl
Back Color: Green
Belly Color: Clear
Eye Pattern: No Eyes
Skirt Pattern: BOM Color #22 over #12