Koya Lures Strawberry Pearl Doll Eyes Large Kona Plunger 14" 10.9oz ALV Vinyl Pink Mahi

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The Koya Lures Large Kona Plunger is a plunger shaped head with 14" sized skirt saddles that is slowly tapered from the skirt saddles to the nose. Head is long but quite a bit slimmer than the XL. Tapered from the bottom just as much as the top that also slims out towards the nose. Pure Marlin killer. Eric makes some killer plunger style heads, and you absolutely can't go wrong with one of his Kona Plungers.

BOM Skirt Size 602

Head Length: 4"

Head Weight: Approx. 9oz

Insert: Strawberry Pearl
Resin Color: Clear
Eye Pattern: Doll Eyes
Skirt Pattern: Mahi Pink A La Vive Vinyl over Pink & Green Newells