Kerwin Masunaga Blue Rainbow Large Kona Nut 12" 7oz Pre-Owned

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**These Masunagas are from Kerwin Masunaga's personal collection that he kept for himself to fish with - They are very rare to say the least. Lures are in used to mint condition. Any bill marks or use was from Kerwin's personal use and not the use of any other fisherman.**

**This lure is in brand new condition but has been in storage and therefore has a surface mark or two. Has no chips or cracks. Beautiful lure.**

This Masunaga Kona Nut has a flat nose and back of the lure face but with a large hip in the middle of the lure head in somewhat like a doorknob shape with an angled nose. Also known as the "Mangler". These are coveted and rare baits. Comes in a variety of sizes - This is the Large 12" skirt saddle sized version.

This particular head has a blue resin pour with a bright and colorful rainbow-iridescent wrap. Skirted in blue vinyl with pink and yellow Mold Craft Tuff Tails.