Hank Zeevat (Z-Lures) White Rainbow Awabi Pearl Bullet 9" 7.6oz Near New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in near new condition - No cracks or chips and only a couple small surface/bite marks on the lure face. Near mint condition.**

Hank Zeevat is local of Kauai, Hawaii and has been making baits for years under his "Z-Lures" label. He has begun to create a name for himself by how professional his baits are and how successful they are in producing fish. These are fantastic Hawaiian style baits that you need to try out if you haven't yet. They are very difficult to find outside Kauai. The shapes are unique and will definitely put fish in the boat.

This particular shape is a 9" sized long nosed bullet with subtle forward taper with a pointed bullet nose. Much longer than your traditional 9" sized bullet.

BOM Skirt Size 352

This particular head has gorgeous white Awabi Pearl shell over a bright rainbow-iridescent wrap that gives the thin shell a gorgeous rainbow glow to it. Skirted in purple/silver glitter over purple/pink.