FUDO Super Ocean "Hays" Open Ringed Eye Hooks

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**Price is for a single hook**

From FUDO:

"FUDO Super Ocean "Hays" Open Ringed Eye Hooks are commercial-grade open gap hooks. This shape is commonly referred to as Koga or Hays Hooks, named after the shape's pioneer, Capt. Roddy Hays.

"The Super Ocean Open Ringed Eye Hooks feature a slight bend and when combined with their superbly sharp conical point, they provide excellent grasping capabilities for quick and solid hookups whether trolling or fishing bait.

"These hooks carry the Super Ocean designation (formerly known as X-Strength). This extra strength is achieved through heavier gauge wire; each size hook leveraging the gauge of the next size up, which adds approximately 0.25mm to the diameter. Once constructed, we adjust the time and temperature for the tempering process to achieve added strength.

"Forged and constructed of premium Japanese stainless steel, these hooks are formed and sharpened by hand one by one in Japan to exacting standards. Once production is complete, the hooks are put through a passivation treatment which adds additional corrosion resistance."

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The following hook sizes are available to order: