Fish Razr Tuna Tornado Dredge

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Here is Fish Razr on their Tuna Tornado Dredge:

This complete tuna dredge kit is a versatile trolling option for targeting sailfish, marlin, and any other pelagic game fish species. The rig features an enticing combination of 42 6-inch mud flaps and 70 phat squids hand-rigged on a heavy-duty 38-inch dredge bar. The mud flaps mimic the sunlit silhouette of bait fish, while the vibrant red, green, blue, or pink phat squid teasers capture the attention of your prey. The large size and alluring combination make this far-reaching and attention-grabbing mud flap dredge an outstanding choice on its own or as part of your spread. The bundle includes a 42-inch dredge bag for convenient storage and transport.

Like all Fish Razr products, this tuna dredge kit is built and designed by experienced offshore anglers who recognize the community’s unique requirements and preferences when it comes to their tackle. We know what it takes to bring more fish to the boat. We take pride in offering tournament-grade gear that you can depend on for casual day trips and global tournaments alike.

Upgrade your trolling rig with premium dredges that are tested and approved by serious offshore anglers worldwide.