Fish Razr StripZ Dredge Kits

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Here is Fish Razr on their StripZ Dredge Kits:

Equipped with our popular StripZ Teasers, this complete baitfish/ballyhoo dredge kit is extremely productive, thanks to its reflective mylar strips (fish or ballyhoo) that shimmer and shine in the sunlight, as well as its lightweight bars that pulsate under the water, providing irresistible dancing action. Besides marlin, this versatile dredge is a great choice for targeting most pelagic game fish species, including dolphin, tuna, and sailfish. These lightweight mylar dredges pull with very little drag, and you can troll them at a wide range of speeds — with enough current, you can even pull them on an anchor while kite fishing.

Besides their outstanding performance, these durable, high-quality baitfish/ballyhoo dredge kits are built to last. Our mylar strips are double laminated to hold up to powerful bites. Of course, ferocious predators are bound to do some damage eventually, so we do offer StripZ Replacements. These sailfish dredge kits come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and they include a mesh carry bag for convenient transport and storage.

We carry everything that offshore anglers need to bring more fish to the boat. Shop all of our fully assembled complete dredge kits, or create your own custom dredge rig with our dredge bars and dredge teaser baits. Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. These baitfish/ballyhoo dredge kits are trusted by world-champion anglers all over the globe, so place your order with confidence. Catch more fish with tournament-grade tackle from Fish Razr.