Fish Razr FlapZ Dredge Kit 38" Bar

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Here is Fish Razr on their FlapZ Dredge Kit with a 38" Bar:

Mud FlapZ are marlin raisers. Utilizing tuna silhouettes, any pelagic fish will see an irresistible school of bait near the surface. FlapZ are nearly indestructible, their shape leads to less weeds and their thin profile makes a light weight bait that pulls very minimal drag. Fish Razr FlapZ are made of a softer material that makes the bait more pliable under the water. Due to the tail design, these FlapZ have more swimming action than others on the market. The single bar dredge consists of 12 14” FlapZ hanging staggered from a 38” heavy dredge bar. The double FlapZ dredge consists of 2x 38” bars with 12x 12” FlapZ per bar. The bars are connected with heavy cable and cork screw swivels. The double dredge can be run as a tandem dredge or 2 single dredges. Both dredges come in a mesh carry bag.