Fish Razr Dredge Fish Weight 4lb-12lb

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Here is Fish Razr on their Dredge Fish Weights:

A fish-shaped dredge weight is ideal for pulling a dredge or downrigger. The fins on the fish keep the weight down and pulling straight. This allows you to use less weight. Weights have two large brass eyes for attaching your main line and dredge. Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 pounds, we make it easy to match the amount of weight to the dredge you’re pulling. You can also find this weight in our Dredge Trolling Kit.

Like all Fish Razr Products, our weights are designed and crafted by serious anglers for serious anglers, right here in the USA. We only use pure lead and heavy-duty brass. Rest assured that every top-of-the-line dredge weight meets your rigid quality and performance standards. From casual days on the water to world championships, Fish Razr tackle gives you a competitive edge.

Explore all of our dredge fishing accessories to build your ideal rig. We offer a wide range of lead fishing weights, including 1/2 pound bags, deep drop weights, and trolling sinkers, ensuring that you’re able to target specific feeding zones and bring more fish to the boat. Don’t underestimate the importance of using a high-quality dredge weight. The right gear goes a long way in putting you in control and improving your odds. Shop tournament-grade tackle from Fish Razr.

Reach out to us with any questions, and someone from our Pro Staff will reach out to you with assistance.

Made in the USA