Fish Razr Custom "Ninja" Heavy Dredge BarZ 42" Elite

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This is a renovated version of Fish Razr's 42" Elite Heavy Dredge Bar we call the "Ninja" Dredge. It has been heat shrinked on each arm to prevent rattling and noise, which we find helps raise fish due to the noise reduction. We utilize our "Magic" heat shrink, so it looks clean and will hold real well compared to other heat shrinks. On top of that, we crimped wire cable around the center of the dredge bar covered with chafe gear to prevent losing arms when inevitably one breaks off - This will help preserve your dredge baits so you're not having to replace both your dredge baits and also the dredge bar.

These come with the Swivel Sleeves pre-attached and crimped. We will also include a set of clips you can manually attach your dredge baits to the swivel sleeves.

One other renovation is instead of the 12 swivel sleeves already included, we will add an additional 6 swivel sleeves for a presentation of 18 different dredge lines vs. the standard 12. 

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Here is Fish Razr on their 42" Elite Heavy Dredge BarZ:

The 42” Elite Series dredge bar is a large, super strong dredge frame. It has tension loops near the hub to allow for flexing of the arms during prolonged trolling with less failures. Combined with the superior durability of the super strong .125” US 316 stainless steel, and the super strong metal alloy center hub, this bar will last. The bars have straight arms for placement of swivel sleeves in the desired separations. Available with 12 high quality swivel sleeves for customer application.

Made in the USA