Coggin Lures White MOP Blue-Yellow Back 4-Hole Big Slant 9" 7.3oz Skirted

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The Coggin Lures Big Slant has a scooped nose with larger 9" skirt saddles and 4-hole jets with a lead insert. These jets will throw out a ton of smoke in the water. The scoop contains a slightly angled nose. Head shape is single tapered with a head that actually straightens out a little before it reaches the nose. A little bit more slender with a good length. Perfect head shape and size for Marlin especially but will catch a wide range of pelagic species.

BOM Skirt Size 402

This particular head has three white Mother of Pearl slabs around the insert with a triple poured transparent blue back, yellow stripe, and clear belly.

Skirted in transparent blue with a black lateral line along the back/clear over white (BOM Color #161 over #25).