Bonze Lures Black Rainbow Scale Red Eyes Ballistic 12" 13.5oz Skirted

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The Ballistic is a Heavy Tackle lure with 12" sized skirt saddles. The lure face has a very subtle front and rear taper.

Skirt size BOM 602.

From "Bonze" Fleet on the Ballistic:

"This is a great choice when targeting truly big blue marlin. Originally designed to be run at slow speeds, this lure has had a few small modifications from the original and now it has proved to the secret weapon to everyday fishing success. The aggressive surface running action of this lure draws savage crash bites providing you with, not only spectacular images, but also an extremely good hook-up rate. This lure was my hottest lure when I fished in the Azores consistently producing fish over 500lbs with the odd true monster thrown into the mix! Skirted Length: 420mm / 16.5” Hook Size: 11/0 – 12/0 Leader Size: 400lb – 600lb."

This particular head is from their "Custom" lineup with a black rainbow-iridescent fish scaled wrap covering the insert with red mirrored eyes and a clear resin pour. Skirted in purple/blue with holo glitter over pink with holo glitter and a black lateral line.