BFD Lures Green-Yellow Salt & Pepper Rockstar Plunger 12" 10.5oz New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is still in brand new mint condition. There are no marks, chips, or cracks on the lure head. See photos for details.**

BFD Lures are handmade by Dan Magers and are all belly weighted with oval shaped skirt saddles. They are not massively produced and are very hard to find.

This particular shape is known as the Rockstar Plunger, which is a forward tapered straight runner style bait with a slightly angled nose and 12" sized skirt saddles.

From BFD on their Rockstar Plunger:

"BFD Rockstars are 12″ Heavy Plungers that dig and pop like superstars.  They don’t spin, they can run in heavy seas, at higher speeds, and they even run great in the wash and swim like they should.  You get stability and action that outperforms your other marlin lures.

"The unique inserts are made with genuine stones like lapis, amethyst, malachite, and more to create depth and contrast that you won’t find in any other major-league marlin lure.  Paired with proven skirt combinations, they are irresistible baits for big predatory fish.

"Diving then surfacing from the corners or riggers, this lure will not be ignored. Several Charter Boat Captains have commented on its’ perfect action from the short rigger."

This particular head has a "Salt & Pepper" style insert with a mossy style insert and a set of red and black eyes with a green back.