Amaral Lures Mirrored/Reflective Purple-Clear Bullet 12" 6oz

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The Amaral Lures Bullet is new to 2018 and is a 9" sized lure head with an overall 12" skirted length. Very versatile lure that will catch pegalics of all kinds but especially Tuna/Ahi. Will also catch a lot of Ono/Wahoo, Mahi Mahi/Dorado, and Marlin or other Billfish. Perfect size for practically any location. Head is double tapered with a slight rear taper. Starts tapering off near the tip of the nose - straightens out a bit before it comes to the bullet point.

This particular head has a clear resin pour with a mirrored/reflective wrap covering the insert with with black tiger stripes three red dots under each eye with a black wrap along the back. Comes triple skirted with perfectly matching hula skirts in purple/clear glitter over purple/clear glitter over clear glitter with a yellow lateral line.