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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.

Aloha Lures Clear Mirror Silver Rainbow Love Machine 16" 16oz Skirted Pink Salmon

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color #336 over #RP34**

The Aloha Lures Love Machine is brand new lure 1st released by GZ in July 2022, and the hype behind this lure upon its release is monumental. As Erik Rusnak puts it, "It's not a teaser but meant for pleasure." It looks very similar including size to the original "The Machine" lure except with a deeper nose angle (and therefore more surface to the nose). That being said, the weighted version is still great in the rougher waters as you will hear in our initial prototype review below (ran in Cape Verde waters pre-tournament & tournament day fishing for the World Cup). Very similar shape to the original Machine but with a deeper nose angle (and therefore more surface area to the nose of the bait) with heavy front and reverse taper.

Here is Capt. Chris Donato on the action of the Love Machine:

"The Love Machine is a hard cut mole hilling lure with a lot of noise and aggression. When I say mole hill I mean it is constantly pushing a mound of water infront of it. I’ve run it short corner but it could also be a long corner lure. You will get more swim action the farther back you run it but keep in mind it likes to run higher in the rigger and close to the top of the wave. It is an aggressive lure and would make a fantastic teaser for pitch bait guys.

Straight runner with a tight wiggle and just an explosive push of water. It’s an attention getter and would result in smash bites. Another exceptional Aloha bait with a lot of attitude and plenty of Aaaaaaaloha"

These come in both weighted and non-weighted versions, with and without rattles.

BOM Skirt Size 702

Head Weight: 10.5oz (Non-Weighted) or 12.5oz (Weighted)

Head Length: 3-3/4"

Here is Roger Marandino of GZ Lures & Capt. Louis Roque on the Love Machine:

**This is the non-weighted non-rattle version of the Love Machine**

This particular head has real rectangular mirrored slabs along each side over a silver rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap with a clear resin pour.