Ebay Auctions Ending 9/30/18

Each week there will be 6-12 lures up for auction on eBay. New auctions begin starting at 9PM Eastern Time USA and end 7 days later at the same time. As each item ends, another will go live for the next week. All lures are pre-owned, rare, or collectible items and either in new or used condition. Most lures are from brands/lure makers that we do not carry in our online store. Now here is this week's listings.


NOW LIVE - 7-Day Ebay Auctions ending 9/30/18 at 9PM ET USA. 
Link for auctions: 

All auctions have a starting bid of $9.95US plus shipping. Worldwide shipping.

Here is this week's list. 
1) Koya Lures Real Opelu Lime Green Back 9"+ Bullet 6oz

Koya Lures Fish Head Bullet Marlin Tuna Trolling Lure

2) Raden Lures (Japan) Crushed MOP Bullet 8" 4oz

Raden Lures Bullet Tuna Marlin Trolling Lure

3) Bomboy Lures Abalone Blue-Purple Pearl Back Small Ahi Bomb 9" 5oz

Bomboy Lures Small Ahi Bomb Hawaiian Tuna Marlin Trolling Lure

4) Coggin Lures Silver Blue Gitter Back Tado Lo'ihi Peanut 5.5" 1oz

Coggin Lures Tado Lo'ihi Peanut Mahi Mahi Dorado Skipjack Tuna Trolling Lure

5) Sea Tal Lures Real Fish Head Chugger 9" 3oz

Sea Tal Lures Fish Head Chugger Tuna Wahoo Marlin Trolling Lure

6) GT Lures White MOP 6-Hole Bulley 10" 6oz

GT Lures Jetted Bullet Marlin Tuna Trolling Lure

7) Desperado Lures Purple-Blue Pearl Super Plunger 14" 15oz

Desperado Lures Super Plunger Marlin Trolling Lure

8- Laceration Lures Purple Pour Purple Abalone Fishoncha 50 14" 7oz

Laceration Lures Fishoncha 50 Marlin Tuna Wahoo Trolling Lure


Again, these auctions will end Sunday 9/30/18 at 9PM Eastern USA, and another set of auctions will follow.

For more details and for bidding, go to this direct link for the auctions: stores.ebay.com/gzlures1019