Bo Jenyns Obadu Wiring Gloves

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The Obadu Wiring Gloves are in our opinion the best wiring gloves on the market. Bo Jenyns is considered perhaps the best wireman on the planet, and he has brought that expertise into the fold with creating a top-of-the-line wiring glove.

From Bo Jenyns on his Obadu Gloves:

"Bo Jenyns created Obadu (pronounced O-BA-DO) Tackle to provide quality products to the sportfishing community. The Obadu Wiring Gloves were designed for all fishermen, from novice greenhorns to experienced professionals. Whether you’re chasing a world record, competing in a tournament or just fishing for fun, the Obadu Wiring Gloves have the strength and durability to help you bring that once in a lifetime fish to the back of the boat.

They are available in 2 styles, Medium Weight and Heavy Weight, in 3 different sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Medium Weight - Designed for 150# to 400# leader, the Obadu Medium Weight Gloves are perfect for leadering small to medium sized gamefish; such as sailfish, marlin, tuna, swordfish and sharks. The 6 oz cowhide leather protects your hands, while the deerskin gloves give you the flexibility and feel to maintain control when you’re on the leader. 100% Leather.

Heavy Weight - The Heavy Weight Gloves were designed with one thing in mind, wiring big fish on heavy leader. Suited for 400# to 800# leader, the heavy weight gloves are ideal for wiring medium to large marlin, swordfish, sharks and giant bluefin tuna. The 8 oz cowhide leather gives you that extra protection you need when handling big fish. 100% Leather.