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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! We recommend DHL & UPS shipping options for all of our international customers.
The Amaral Lures Ta'aroa

The Amaral Lures Ta'aroa

The Amaral Lures Ta'aroa has been one of our top selling Blue & Black Marlin lures across the board since its introduction back in mid-2017. While GZ Lures was in its baby stages at that time, the Ta'aroa was probably the first lure in our collection to "blow up" in demand to where keeping them in stock was an extreme challenge. There is a reason for that of course - They were catching a ton of fish, and their social media presence around the world was booming with each big catch.

A little background of the man behind the lure. The Ta'aroa is hand-made by world-renowned Captain Antonio "Tuba" Amaral out of Brazil. For a brief history on Antonio, he in essence gave name to the local Brazil charter business starting back in 1990 which in turn created his local "legend" status that still exists today. He later on began making lures due to the lack of local quality product available and used his love for Roddy Hays lures (Legend Lures) as an inspiration.

Now on to the lure itself. As far as swimming motion goes, the Ta'aroa is considered a Straight Runner - the second largest of his Straight Runner series next to the Anaconda teaser with roughly 14" sized skirt saddles and around 15" in overall length. The head size (girth and length - not shape) is similar to that of a Marlin Magic Ruckus. It takes a small dive before it pops and breaks the surface but swims fairly straight with excellent balance due to its keel weighted insert. 

It is an all position lure but is particularly deadly from the short positions. Can also be fished in any sea condition due to its 12 degree nose angle - Just need to adjust the height of the outrigger as needed to get the lure to swim right under varying conditions.

When it comes to catching fish, again, this lure is a "fish producer" to the exact definition of the phrase. In local Brazil, it won almost all of the fishing tournaments this past season. It also caught a 125lb Brazilian record Ono/Wahoo in late 2017. Species of fish caught on this lure includes all species of Billfish, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and a few Mako sharks in all areas of the world. 

As far as rigging recommendations go, Antonio Amaral suggests a single or 180 degree double with 11/0 closed gap hooks and 530lb Momoi Ultra Hard Mono leader.

I also spoke with Captain Igor Assad on the "Zoom Dagarana" in Brazil, who primarily trolls with Amaral Lures and is one of the best known Captains in all of Brazil. He had this to say on the Ta'aroa. "In my opinion, the Ta'aroa is the best lure. A bait that we can use in any position and will work properly.. in any type of sea, in calm sea days, windy days.. a multi-purpose bait." The Zoom Dagarana team has caught massive Blues on this lure over the past couple of years including a few in the 800-900 lb range.

Lastly, a little story behind the name. Antonio happens to be an enthusiast of snakes, so most of his lures are named after a species of snake. The Ta'aroa, however, is a different story. The name "Ta'aroa" is actually the name of the supreme goddess of the Sea of the Polynesians and is also the name of the boat of one of Antonio's good friends Captain Marcel Brito. Now the Naja was known as Antonio's best Marlin lure before the Ta'aroa existed, but Capt. Brito was seeking something a bit smaller. Here is the story from Antonio's words.

"The story of the Ta'aroa is interesting. My friend Cap. Marcel Brito always asked me for a shorter version of the Naja. During a fishing tournament in Canavieiras, 
I made a prototype without eyes or even any kind of refined finish, and on the first day in the water she had two blue marlins. I found nothing more fair than paying homage to Cap. Marcel by giving the name of his boat to the lure."

And with that, the "Ta'aroa" name is going to continue to grow in strength over the coming years - I am very confident of that.

**Special thanks to Antonio "Tuba" Amaral & Capt. Igor Assad for your contributions to this article. Follow the "Zoom Dagarana Fishing Team" on Instagram @zoomdagarana. You may also follow Antonio Amaral on Instagram @antonioamaral or on Facebook under "Amaral Lures." 

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