Yo-Zuri Lures RARE MIrrored Rainbow Red-Clear-Black Mac Head 12" 6oz

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**This collection is in brand new condition purchased direct from Island Offshore out of Kona - None of these lures have ever hit water.**

These handmade Yo-Zuri Trolling Lures are no longer in production and very difficult to find. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes including the popular Mac Heads, OK Heads, KO Jigs, & Doorbell shaped Tulip Heads. This rare collection of lures will be difficult to find again, so snag some of this lure-making history while it lasts.

This shape is the 12" version of the Mac Head, which is an unusual shape for lures nowadays with a more oval shaped nose compared to a traditional round nose - The head shape begins more as a traditional cylinder shape at the skirt saddles but dips inward to an oval shape at the nose. Has a sharp taper at the nose and an offset tube. Very rare lure head to say the least.

BOM Skirt Size 602

This particular head has a chrome/mirrored rainbow-iridescent wrap along the sides of the insert with a silver rainbow-iridescent fish scaled wrap along the top and bottom of the insert and a triple poured black back, clear middle, and red belly. Very rare lure to say the least.