TANTRUM Lures Paua Shell Blue Glitter Back Red Eyes XL Bandit 14" 12.3oz ALV Blue Ballyhoo

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The XL Bandit is a 14" skirt saddle sized heavy reverse tapered plunger shape with a short but stubby nose - Keel weighted for excellent balancing. 

This shape comes in the regular cut and Kona cut versions. The Kona cut has a steeper nose angle - more aggressive lure for calmer seas. The Kona cut is BRAND NEW, and we are stoked to be able to release the first of its kind ever produced.

From Nick Durham on his XL Bandit:

"An upscaled version of the hugely successful Large Bandit, the XL Bandit is everything you want in a heavy tackle short or long corner lure! Big and aggressive with plenty of splash and a dense smoke trail, giant blue and black marlin will climb all over this! The XL Bandit has a great ability to maintain its aggressive action in all but the roughest weather, so if you’re looking for a short corner specialist that will run consistently and get the job done for you day in and day out, then this is just what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid of rigging it with heavy hooks and leader – it can well and truly handle it and you’ll be thankful when you see it disappear in a huge hole.

  • HEAD LENGTH: Approx. 3.2"
  • Head Weight: 9.7oz
  • RECOMMENDED POSITIONS: Short Corner, Long Corner

    BOM Skirt Size 702

    **This is the Standard Cut Version**

    Insert: Paua Shell
    Back Color: Blue Glitter
    Belly Color: Clear
    Eye Pattern: Red Eyes
    Skirt Pattern: Ballyhoo Blue A La Vive Vinyl over Green & Blue Tuff Tails