TANTRUM Lures Fluoro Orange Rainbow Orange Glitter Back Medium Bullet 9" 5.5oz

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The Medium Bullet is a 9" skirt saddle sized bullet shape with forward taper towards the pointed bullet nose. 

From Nick Durham on his Medium Bullet:

"The Medium Bullet is the original and now legendary TANTRUM Bullet! The Medium Bullet will catch every pelagic predator out there from a 5lb tuna all the way through to a 1,000lb+ blue or black marlin. Its action is very subtle spending most of its time rippling just below the surface with the occasional skitter or “dishrag” that big tuna and marlin find irresistible. Many have made the error of under-rigging the Medium Bullet with the assumption that only tuna will eat this quiet achiever, only to see it disappear in a huge plume of white water as a big blue marlin empties their spool only to end in the heart ache of a broken leader or opened hook. Do not be mistaken – a Medium Bullet is an absolutely critical element of a lure spread for giant marlin and should be a permanent fixture on your shotgun, just be sure to rig it like a grander will eat it!

The prowess of the TANTRUM Medium Bullet as a tuna catching machine is well known amongst game fishing professionals with huge yellow fin and blue fin tuna to its credit including world records.

When people ask us 'If you could only run one lure for the rest of your life what would it be?' – this is the one!"

  • HEAD LENGTH: 2.5"
  • HEAD WEIGHT: Approx. 5.5oz

BOM Skirt Size 402

This particular head has a bright and colorful rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap around the insert with a set of red eyes and a bright orange glittered back with a fluorescent orange belly.