Tanigawa Lures Silver Starburst Black-Yellow Back Tube 9"+ 5.5oz Pre-Owned

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**This lure is excellent near new condition - No chips or cracks and only a couple surface marks/bill marks on the lure face. See photos for details. Skirts are in new condition and do not need to be replaced**

The Tanigawa Lures 9"+ Tube has a traditional tube shape with a mostly flat back and slanted nose with 9"+/10" sized skirt saddles (BOM 502). Will catch nearly all pelagics from Mahi to Marlin. As far as smaller tubes go, this one will surely produce. Tanigawa Lures straight up catch fish, and this bait is no exception.

This particular head contains a silver rainbow-iridescent "Starburst" wrap covering the insert with a set of red eyes and a triple poured black back, yellow stripe, and clear belly.  Skirted in black vinyl over pink and orange tuff tails.