Tanigawa Lures Purple Rainbow Crack Glass 4-Hole Bullet 9"+ 9oz Flashabou

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The Tanigawa Lures 9" 4-Hole Bullet is a brand new version of his bullet - This is the first release of his 4-hole jets (typically made with 2 jets). It is a 9"+/10" skirt saddle sized heavy weighted lead reverse tapered bullet that will catch pretty much anything from Mahi to marlin but is in particular a killer Marlin and Ahi bait but will catch about anything. Will handle any sea condition thrown at it due to its heavy weight. Also contains 4-hole oversized jets that will throw out a ton of smoke. One of Tanigawa's most popular models.

This head has a clear resin pour with real cracked mirrored glass pieces over a bright and colorful purple rainbow patterned wrap covering the insert with red eyes.

This lure is skirted in Flashabou in Purple over Chartreuse by our Flashabou Specialist Hannah Drake out of Kona, Hawaii.