Steve Elkins Real Golden MOP Invert 12" 6oz Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in used but great condition, especially for this age of lure - Has a few bill marks and very subtle surface scratches but no chips or cracks - Otherwise in great running condition. Skirts are a bit old and a little sticky but otherwise in mint condition as well. See photos for true condition.**

Steve Elkins out of Hawaii is a legend of his own. His lures are very difficult to get now, but they are all original and highly coveted but some of the top fishermen in the world. While his shapes are original in design and most are very easy to identify, his "custom" signatures at the bottom side of each lure insert is extremely unique and certainly adds to the value and originality of each single lure of his. 

This particular lure is more of a traditional Cupped Face/Invert shape with a slight front taper towards the flat but cupped/inverted nose. This particular head has real Mother of slabs over a rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap covering the insert. Very old lure head with just the "Elkins" signature at the bottom of the lure head. Skirted in blue/white over pink/white.