Stan Ho Blue Rainbow Pearl Tip 4-Hole Bullet 12" 13.5oz Used Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in great used condition - Has a few surface marks/bite marks on the lure face and a couple nice cracks on the lure face but no chips. The surface marks are very subtle and look to be mostly from storage. Great used condition for this rare lure and still in perfect working condition.**

This particular head is a gorgeous 4-Hole jetted bullet made by legend Stan Ho. These are very rare lures as Stan Ho has passed away, but they are extremely coveted baits. This particular lure is his in-demand pearl tipped 4-hole bullet in the 12" size. These bullets are very heavy and can handle any sea condition.

This particular head has a gorgeous blue rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap covering the insert with a blue pearl tip and a blue resin pour. Skirted in blue/transparent pink over pink.