Rare Joe Yee Real Golden MOP Chopped Bullet 7" 2.5oz New PRE-OWNED

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**This lure is in new condition with no marks or scratches - Brand-new mint condition. The lure was not purchased from Joe Yee himself but instead a very reputable Joe Yee collector who purchased it from Joe originally. Buy with 100% confidence.**

This is a very rare lure - One that can't be found in the Joe Yee book. We call it the 7" Chopped Bullet because it is the exact same shape as one of his 7" bullets but with a cut/chopped angled nose. We are working on verifying this lure with Joe Yee currently as to its name/shape design.

This particular head has two gorgeous real golden Mother of Pearl slabs along the sides of the lure head with white awabi shell along the top and bottom with a set of small "Shakey Eyes". This is an extremely rare lure.