Pulsator Lures Blue-Green Dragon Skin Single Lead Tube 14" 9oz Skirted Black-Rainbow

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**This is the 14" Single Lead Version**

**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: **Black with Orange glitter and an Orange lateral line over Rainbow.**

The Pulsator Tube is perhaps the most famous bait produced by Pulsator Lures at this time, with the most prominent fish caught on one of them being the 1370 caught by Capt. Ryan Williamson (founder of Pulsator Lures) aboard the 'Smoker' out of Cape Verde on May 19, 2022. This fish happened to be the 2nd largest weighed fish caught in the Atlantic.

Even before this remarkable catch, the Tube was a lure we had been hearing a lot about. Our Pro Angler Roger Marandino had some personal hands-on experience fishing with them over the last couple of years in Cape Verde and the Azores, and he has been encouraging us to start carrying these lures both before and after that historical weigh. 

This Tube has a predominantly flat taper but a bit of a unique shape compared to other Tube lures with a slight taper up towards the nose versus a completely flat back. This gives the bait a bit of a different action - It has an incredibly erratic surface action and best in flat sea conditions from either rigger position. 

All sizes come in "Single Lead" or "Double Lead" versions - If you are looking for a heavier bait, we would obviously recommend the Double Lead version over Single Lead.

This is the 14" version.

Product Length:                14.75"
Product Weight:                10oz (Double Lead) or 9oz (Single Lead)
Head Length:                      3.5"
Suggested Hook Size:    10/0
Skirt Size:                            BOM 502
Target Species:                  Billfish

This particular head has bright and colorful blue/green iridescent "dragon skin" along the sides of the insert with a black rainbow-iridescent wrapped back & silver rainbow-iridescent wrapped bottom of the insert with a set of orange flashy eyes and a clear resin pour.