Niiyama Lures Shibi Ahi 12" 12oz Flashabou DG

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The Niiyama Lures Shibi Ahi is a brand new head just released in early 2019. Very limited numbers of these will be produced due to the time it takes to make each one - These are are very uniquely handmade and hand-painted one by one and therefore no one Shibi head is 100% like the other. These are Marlin and large Ahi/Tuna killers with an extremely thick and heavy head with 12" skirt saddles and just over 11 ounces in weight. These large lures will handle even the roughest of sea conditions. Has the profile of a bullet shaped head, so it swims very straight. Each head is belly weighted for perfect balancing. Recommend 500-700lb leader with no less than 300lb.

The head is the same shape and size as the Aku head with only a different color pattern to mimic the Shibi Ahi. The "Shibi" is Hawaiian for a younger and smaller Yellowfin Tuna also known as the Ahi. 

The custom paint work on these heads in combination with their design makes them pure works of art. Has a dark blue black with a bright blue (almost turquoise blue) stripe and a yellow followed by silver belly with bright glossy silver globs along the bottom of the lure towards the saddles. Truly amazing work. Photos do not do this lure justice.

This lure is skirted in Flashabou in Blue (Color #6964), Yellow (Color #6971), Peal White (Color #6905), and Black (Color #6960) by our new Flashabou Specialist Derin Goya out of Honolulu.