Niiyama Lures Redbait 12" 8.3oz Flashabou

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The Niiyama Lures Redbait is a near exact replica of the native South Atlantic, Indian, and South Pacific Ocean baitfish, scientific name "Emmelichthys nitidus." Especially popular in Australia/New Zealand waters. If you compare this head to his famous "Opelu" model, the Redbait has much more curvature and roundness to it. The size of the head is also quite a bit bigger than the 9" Opelu, so both size and shape are different - this lure is more of a 12" sized head. Perfect size for large Tuna, Marlin, and Ono/Wahoo.

Each head is belly weighted for perfect balancing. They can be trolled in any position but is particularly lethal from the stinger/center rigger position. Can also be trolled in any sea condition - flat or rough waters. Swimming action is a little side to side wiggle but is more of a straight runner, similar to your typical bullet shape.

BOM Skirt Size 602

This version of the Redbait has a reddish/pinkish belly with a dark blue-grey back with dark red fins. Skirted in flashabou in black/red over pink by our flashabou specialist Hannah Drake out of Kona, Hawaii.