Niiyama Lures Oama - 5" Lipped Line-Through (V 2.0 Limited Edition)

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***LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER - Any orders with 2 or more ordered will get a full refund and miss out completely.

***Release Date 11:59 PM Eastern USA 8/18/18 (5:59PM 8/18/18 Hawaii)

Here is version 2.0 of the Niiyama Lures Oama. This is a Limited Edition Lexan lipped line-through version. Handmade and a true masterpiece - as lifelike as you will ever find. Photos do not do them justice. And each one is slightly different than another, which is to be mostly expected with hand-crafted and hand-painted lures.

This version of the Oama is very limited in production. The amount of time it takes to produce one of these is an achievement in itself. This particular version will not be mass produced due to the production time, so getting your hands on one of these will be something more valuable than just acquiring something that will help you catch fish. These are just as much collectors' items as they are your new favorite fishing toys.

Specs are the following:

Length - 5"

Weight - 65-70g

Suggested Technique: Cast & Retrieve or Trolled at 1-3kts

Target species: Papio or Giant Trevally

Check out @niiyamalures on Instagram or Facebook for detailed rigging photos and instructions. There is more than one way to rig these lures, but Jon Niiyama has some good tips to follow.