Niiyama Lures Blue Back Malolo 9"+ 9oz Flashabou Purple Stripe

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The Niiyama Lures Malolo head must be seen to be believed. It is an ultra realistic imitation of a flying fish head, which is one of the premier baitfish eaten by many pelagic species. Contains perfectly designed gills, fins, mouth, etc. The curvature and texture on these heads are straight up jaw dropping. Also contains amazing 3D eyes that look about as good as it gets. This is the 9"+ skirt saddle sized version that is perfect for large Ahi/Tuna and Marlin. The custom paint work on these heads in combination with their design makes them pure works of art. And absolutely killer in the water - fish clearly love them. I have plenty of proof that these work, so there's no doubt in my mind that you will catch loads of fish with them.

Each head is belly weighted for perfect balancing. They can be trolled in any position but is particularly lethal from the stinger/center rigger position. Can also be trolled in any sea condition - flat or rough waters. Swimming action is a little side to side wiggle but is more of a straight runner, similar to your typical bullet shape.

BOM Skirt Size 502

This particular head has more of a natural flying fish look with a purple and blue iridescent back and blue fins. Gorgeous head color with an extremely realistic look. Again, these must be seen to be believed.

This lure is skirted in Flashabou in Blue (Color #6964)/Pearl White (Color #6905) with Purple Mirage stripes over Purple (Color #6966)/Ice Blue (Color #6963) by our Flashabou Specialist Hannah Drake out of Kona, Hawaii.