Moyes Lures White MOP Blueberry Pearl Back Medium J-Boy 12" 7oz Skirted

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The Moyes Lures Medium J-Boy is a particularly killer Marlin bait from the riggers. Double tapered head with 12" sized skirt saddles. Fantastic medium sized head that is an absolutely proven fish killer. Keel weighted for perfect balancing to keep the lure from rolling. One of Andy's most popular models for a reason.

Here is our GZ Pro Captain Marty Bates on the J-Boy:

"I run the Large J-Boy on my long corner bridge teaser in medium to calm water conditions and Medium J-Boy on my short rigger. Say no more - Awesome running lure. Endless bubble trails and plenty of smoke. A must have in your stable."

Head Weight: Approx. 4oz

Skirted Weight: Approx. 7oz

BOM Skirt Size 502

This head has white Mother of Pearl covering the insert with an iridescent white-blueberry pearl back. Skirted in white/silver glitter with aurora and black stripes along the back (BOM Color #232) over white/pink with a yellow lateral line (BOM Skirt Color #139).