Moyes Lures Purple Rainbow Purple Back Small J-Boy 9" 6oz Skirted

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The Moyes Lures Small J-Boy is the smallest of the J-Boy family with a 9" saddle size. It's a highly versatile plunger style head that works for all kinds of big game species but is a particularly killer ahi and mahi bait. Will also catch wahoo and marlin. Double tapered head. Fantastic small sized head that is an absolutely proven fish killer. The J-Boy is one of Andy's most popular lures for a reason. Keel weighted for perfect balancing to keep the lure from rolling.

BOM Skirt Size 352.

This head has a bright purple resin pour with a dark transparent purple back and a mirrored/reflective rainbow-iridescent wrap covering the insert. Skirted in Purple & Black Stripes/Clear with Silver Glitter and a Black lateral line (BOM Color #123) over Silver Glitter (BOM Color #25).