Moyes Lures Purple MOP Purple Back Small Plunger 9" 5oz Head or Skirted

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Please choose in the drop down menu below whether or not you would like your lure skirted by us.

If you select the skirted option, please provide in the Top Skirt & Bottom Skirt fields below either a BOM Color # for sale on our website or specify a color of your choice that we will try to match. If your requested color is out of stock or if left blank, we will contact you before shipping to make sure you are happy with our selections.
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**Lure can be skirted as desired by entering your "Top" and "Bottom" colors - If no selection is provided, we will send the same skirting pattern as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color #RP08 over #332**

The Moyes Lures Small Plunger is particularly effective on Billfish but will catch a variety of pelagic species. It is the 9" skirt saddle sized version of his Plunger series of baits (Small, Medium, & Large). Your traditional plunger type head with taper towards the nose. Excellent small-medium sized lure that will produce with the best of them. Keel weighted for balancing.

BOM Skirt Size 352

This particular head has Mother of Pearl along the sides of the insert with a dark purple back and purple belly.