Moyes Lures Purple Mirrored Bushmaster 12" 5.5oz

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The Moyes Lures Bushmaster is a larger 12" sized double tapered plunger whose shape closely resembles the Blaster just not as heavily tapered. Has a slighter rear taper than taper towards the nose. Larger than Andy's typical 12" lures in skirt saddle diameter and weight. A proven fish killer for large Marlin in particular but will also catch large Tuna and even a large Mahi/Dorado or Ono/Wahoo if it's hungry enough. Keel weighted for perfect balancing to keep the lure from rolling. 

BOM skirt size 602.

This head has mirrors on each side of the insert with iridescent white Mother of Pearl along the bottom and a black flashy rainbow-iridescent patterned back inside a purple resin pour.