Moyes Lures Pink Oil Slick Red Taxidermy Eyes Dark-N-Stormy 14" 12oz Skirted

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The Moyes Lures Dark-N-Stormy is a large 14" sized (skirt saddle size) double tapered plunger style lure. Perfect Marlin and large Ahi/Tuna trolling lure. Head shape has a beveled hump in the middle of its long and slender (for its size) lure head. Very large head but more in length than width. A very popular shape, this lure has won a ton of tournament money. If you're seeking large Marlin and Tuna, this is a lure you need to add to your spread. 
This particular head has gorgeous iridescent pink oil slick covering the insert with pink Mother of Pearl along the bottom of the insert and a set of Andy's custom red taxidermy eyes. Skirted in holo glitter with blue bars along the back and a pink lateral line over bright pink with blue glitter (BOM Color #213 over #M55).