Moyes Lures Orange Awabi Shell Black Back Large Wave Killer 14" 13oz Skirted

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The Moyes Lures Large Wave Killer is an all weather lure that runs consistently creating a nonstop smoke trail while pulling very lightly. It's a sought after lure for cockpit teaser positions and long rigger positions. Similar shape to the Medium Plunger but has more length and a wider diameter in a 14" size but has 12" skirt saddles. Keel weighted for perfect balancing.

BOM Skirt Size 602

Weight 8.3oz (Head Only)

This particular head has iridescent Awabi Shell covering the insert with a black back and a fluorescent orange belly. Skirted in orange with holographic glitter and black spots with a glow orange lateral line over black with holographic glitter. (BOM Color #180 over #M18).