Moyes Lures Mahi Mahi MOP Green Back Punisher 16" 14.5oz

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Here is Andy Moyes on his brand new Punisher:

The Moyes Punisher is a double tapered plunger that has aggressive surface push and steady smoke trail. This lure can be used as a lure on heavy tackle or as a cockpit or bridge teaser. The Punisher gets big bites and is a must for every big game arsenal!

BOM Skirt Size 702

Head Weight: 14.5oz

Head Length: 4.5"

This particular head comes with a "Mahi Mahi" theme with gorgeous iridescent lime green Angel Wing Mother of Pearl along the sides and top of the insert with scattered blue mahi dots and a rainbow-iridescent wrapped bottom of the insert with a green back and a clear belly resin pour.