Moyes Lures Mahi Mahi MOP Green Back Medium Argus 12" 4oz

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**This is originally the Small Argus size, but Andy Moyes is currently working on a smaller version of the Argus and therefore has been updated from the Small to Medium size in the Argus series - It is the same shape and size as the original Small Argus**

The Moyes Lures Argus comes in three sizes - Small, Medium, Large, and XL. The Medium Argus has 12" sized skirt saddles with front and rear taper and a fairly decent depth of scoop in the nose. One of Moyes Lures' most popular models and excellent on Marlin especially.

BOM Skirt Size 502

Head Weight 4oz

Skirted Weight 6.5oz

This particular head has a "Mahi Mahi" themed insert with gorgeous iridescent lime green Mother of Pearl along the sides and top of the insert with scattered blue dots throughout the shell and a rainbow-iridescent wrapped bottom of the insert with set of Andy's standard eyes and a green back and clear belly.