Moyes Lures Light Pink Rainbow Orange Back Ono Rocket 9" 8oz Skirted

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The Ono Rocket has 9" sized skirt saddles and a long slender face with a flat nose with a very small diameter. Near bullet shape, but the flat nose gives it a bit more wiggle - Perfect shape for Ono/Wahoo with the long and slender face, hence the name. One of the first lures we have ever offered designed specifically for Wahoo.

From Andy Moyes on the Ono Rocket: "The ono rocket is a great wahoo lure trolled behind a trolling weight at speeds from 10-16 knots. Also a great tuna lure when fished without weight on a long rigger or shotgun position."

BOM Skirt Size 402

This particular head has a light pink resin pour with a bright neon orange back and a silver mirrored rainbow-iridescent wrap covering the insert. Skirted in Kajiki black/root beer with orange splatter over orange/cream/pink (BOM Color #168 over #RP34).